The Rescue Process

gota1  Water Damage Occurs

Your house is injured and needs emergency and urgent care. Visible water damage is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s what you don’t see that can be critical to your home.


gota2 Identify & Repair the Source of the Damage

Using State-of-the-Art equipment we determine the source of the damage and uncover any hidden damage. From there we set a plan of action and determine the best path to resuscitating your home.


gota3Mitigating the Damages

The path to wellness for your home has been determined. What next??? Time to resuscitate your home.


* We complete the necessary demo / cleaning / drying.
* We photo document all aspects of the mitigation process.
* We provide an accurate and speedy estimate for the water mitigation.
* We communicate with your insurance adjuster on the findings and remedies for the water damage.
* We provide an accurate and speedy estimate for the reconstruction portion of your claim.
* We meet with the field adjuster to review the potential repairs for your home. This step is extremely important as your field adjuster will make the final determination for your claim.
* We negotiate on your behalf. We work for We represent you. Let your burden be our job.

gota4 Determine the Path to Wellness

Using the latest in Restoration technology, we will determine the most efficient and effective method to restore the health of your home. Establishing the customized drying method for your home can help decide the insurance company’s level of participation. Every restoration project does not require the insurance company’s participation. It DOES require a homeowner who wants to protect their family and their investment.


gota5The Dynamic Recovery Process

After the mitigation has been completed and your home is dry and clean, it’s now time to plan your repairs. Although every customer and every home is unique, your 100% satisfaction is always the goal.


gota6Restoration to the Rescue

It is of the utmost importance that you have the extent of the damaged assessed ASAP. Your sense of urgency is urgent to us. Flood Medics Restoration is available to assess your symptoms 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, free of charge.